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Gerrett & Deanna

A Word from the Photographer

Gerrett and Deanna are two of the sweetest people you will ever meet. Deanna "secretly" had a crush on Gerrett for years (How cute?!) before they became a couple. Gerrett popped the question and they started their #becomingdore story on November 19, 2015 (Isn't her ring beautiful?) Soon after their engagement, they scheduled their engagement session and we got to work! While we were shooting their engagement pictures, there was no questioning the love in the air. It was such an enjoyable experience for all parties involved and it showed through the photographs. Deanna is the type of woman to laugh for no reason other than she's Deanna and in those moments, you see Gerrett's eyes sparkle. They bring each other so much genuine joy! I asked Deanna to tell me their love story and oh, is it a good one! Continue reading below to get an inside look at their #becomingdore love story... 

Becoming Dore'...


     "Growing up I wondered how my life would "become." Marriage was not painted out to be a beautiful love story or one of Cinderella and I wondered if I was good enough to have one of my own. I never had those "father daughter moments" or grew up seeing what a true, Godly marriage should be like. During my teenage years I longed for God to show me these things. I dedicated my teenage years to not dating, it was a way for me to put my fears of abandonment, abuse and loneliness in God's hands and become whole in him. At the age of 16 I started liking Gerrett but never once told him, in fact I did quite the opposite and tried to stay away from him as much as possible! I went into Crossroads Masters Commission at the age of 18 and as my first year was coming to an end, I realized I still had feeling for this man of God, but questioned how could this ever come to "be". Thinking I was crazy I gave it to God and prayed that if it was His "will," I wouldn't be the one that expresses my feelings. The summer after my first year Gerrett messaged me and asked me to have coffee with him at Johnston Street Java. I remembered telling God, "If this is meant to be I don't want to be the one leading the conversation!" The day we met for coffee it was about 6:30pm, and I kid you not, Gerrett was the one leading the conversation, in fact, it was so natural we stayed talking until they had to kick us out for closing. That day we laid out our feelings for each other and began to dream with one another! We decided to wait until after my second year of Master's Commission to become official. The journey of dating lasted about a year and a half before  the day Gerrett proposed. We have never stopped dreaming with each other as well as he has never stopped leading me with passion, Grace and love that I don't deserve.

     On November 19th the day started out to be what I thought a girls day. All of the girls in his family and my sister-in-law went out for breakfast followed by getting our nails done, some more coffee and shopping. We went to get dessert at Indulge, but decided to stop for a "girls day picture." I was totally oblivious to what was about to happen next. We saw one of our good friends playing his guitar (which In my mind he was playing for money.) Next to him was a tablet with head phones. I was told to put them on and watch a video. The video was of Gerrett and that's when it all began to hit me. Could this be? In the video Gerrett started to talk about all our significant dates and what they meant to him! It lead to that day's date, November 19th. As I was directed to turn around there was the man of my dreams getting down on one knee! Of course I said yes! Here we are now planning our wedding and living out our happily ever after!

     To all the people out there that can't see true love for yourselves I would say don't give up, trust God and it is possible! No matter what background you have or how deep your heart has been broken I believe there is a person that will love you through the eyes of God. I am so excited that Gerrett and I are each other's first, to begin to continue to date, to grow in love daily and to do life with each other forever!"

-Deanna Hoeman

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