Seniors 2016 - Morgan Williams

Seniors, Thank You

Class of 2016, 

This year has been so eventful! As of May 1, 2016, MWP has captured over 12,000 images of seniors. Although not all of these images are seen, they all capture special moments as the end of a chapter draws near. It has been such a pleasure to watch each of you through a lens these past few months. I can not begin to explain the joy it brings me when you all want to capture these special moments and then look back and love what we were able to gather during our time together. Don't forget that your photographs will stay in your online archive and can been seen whenever you need a little reminder of what the end of this chapter looked like. I wish you all the best in this next season and thank you for trusting me with this milestone in your life. 

Best of Luck,


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